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OMB Peezy/Big Tigger is the twenty fourth episode of Season 15 of the improv comedy show Wild 'N Out. This episode features rapper OMB Peezy as the New School Team Captain and the Musical Guest, and radio host Big Tigger as the Old School Co-Captain. This is also Big Tigger's second appearance on the show.


  • Hood Jeopardy - Winner: New School
  • Kick 'Em Out The Classroom - Winner: Old School
  • Family Reunion - Winner: Old School
  • Wildstyle - Winner: New School


Old School[]

  • Team Captain: Nick Cannon
  • Co-Captain: Big Tigger
  • Chico Bean
  • Karlous Miller
  • Charlie Clips
  • Darren Brand
  • Corey Charron
  • Justina Valentine
  • MC Jin
  • Spanky Hayes

New School[]

  • Team Captain: OMB Peezy
  • DC Young Fly
  • Bobb'e J. Thompson
  • Big Mack
  • Vena E.
  • Shuler King
  • Lil JJ
  • Yvng Swag
  • Teddy Mora