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NickNack PattiWhack is an American internet personality and known for being one of the new cast members from Season 11 of MTV's Wild 'N Out.


Nick Joseph, also known as Nick Nack PattiWhack, grew up in the heart of New Orleans. Throughout his adolescence, he was involved in sports and was known on campus as the “Class Clown.” After graduating from high school, Nick joined the military and became a student at Southern University majoring in mass communications. Nick, reverting back to his sense of humor, began making videos on Vine and Instagram that went viral. It was around this time that Nick was introduced to Dan Rue, who studied at LSU. “We would always see each other at clubs,” Nick recalled. “Dan was around Odell Beckham before he went to the league. Once Odell went to the league, we were all we had left, so we just started hanging out more.” They began collaborating on skits from there and ended up becoming roommates. Currently, Nick, alongside his best friend Dan Rue, stars on Season 11 of Nick Cannon's "Wild 'N Out".


  • He was known for the "Oh No Baby, What Is You Doing?” meme that went viral.
  • He has appeared in 3 episodes in Season 11.
  • Although he was one of the new cast members on the show, he did not appear on the Veterans vs Rookies episode in Season 11.